We have become distracted.

We are all too busy watching Big Brother or
Celebrity This or That while the corporations
take the rainforest down, one tree at a time.

While the polluters carry on their merry way,
we are sipping our coffee, mulling over which
plasma to buy.

While Gordon Brown talks green, this
government is approving airports,
motorways and trying to wriggle out of
green energy targets.

Yup, we have become comfortably
numb to it.

The entertainment industry is keeping
the masses quiet.

Keeping us from thinking too much
about stuff.

It used to be opium for the masses, now
it’s reality TV.

Jeez, how did we get here?
We are all part of the problem.

We care. But we are just too busy to
say something.

The government, the corporations, the
polluters must just love us.

Protest about nothing.
Accept just about everything.

The Distracted Nation.
“Oh waiter, another latte please.”

(12,090 trees were cut down in the time it took to read this)

Fra Howies sommerkatalog 2008, men ikke noe mindre aktuelt i dag.